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Yasmine Yanakopoulos

37 y old female


PC    weakness in right hand

and blurred vision


HPC     noticed progressive

weakness of hand during the day

now unable to hold a glass or knife

unfit for work (can’t hold pen)

no pain but reduced sensation in the hand

similar episode with right foot weakness 7 months ago        

all day today blurred vision (can’t read the newspaper)

left eye worse than right eye

no headache, no nausea

PMH    depressive intervals

intermittent stutter

Hashimoto thyroiditis


DH  L-Thyroxin 75 µg daily

multivitamin supplements


SH   lives with husband and son (5 years old)

works as a traffic warden

ex-smoker until pregnancy

no alcohol


FH   brother – diabetes mellitus

mother – renal carcinoma

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