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Whitney White

63-year-old female

PC         For further investigation of a “shadow” on my CXR (chest X-Ray)

HPC      SOB (Shortness of breath) x 4/12 (4 months), progressively worsening in the past weeks.

              Thought it was just due to smoking, but then went to GP and had an outpatient CXR,                  which showed a “shadow”.

              Also has a ‘smoker’s cough’

              Has lost weight in the past month, not sure how much, but pants are feeling looser



              High blood pressure


DH        Inhalers

             Blood pressure tablets


FH         Father RIP lung cancer (worked in construction, had asbestos exposure)


SH         Lives with husband

              Smokes 20 a day since she was a teenager

              Rarely drinks alcohol


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