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Steven Stealburgh

65 y old male


PC       painful right knee


HPC     started yesterday

got worse slowly

knee swollen and warm

skin around knee red and warm, no rash

cannot bend knee anymore

noticed night sweats and shivering last night

no other joints affected

no trauma known


PMH    UTI 4 weeks ago

COPD and emphysema

left hip replacement 2005 after cycling accident

cholecystectomy for gall stones1999

ischaemic heart disease and stent 2002

syphilis in 2009


DH       inhaler 2 puffs twice a day

(inhaler brand unknown)

diclophenac prn




SH       lives alone

works as photographer mainly in South East Asia

smokes 15 cigarettes / day

2 glasses whiskey / day


FH       mother – unknown

father – sarcoidosis

            son – muscular dystrophy

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