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Quentin Quaker

79 y old male


PC       tummy pain and vomiting


HPC     no bowel movements for 7 days

usually quite constipated

pain around the umbilicus

pain got worse in last 2-3 days

3 hours ago vomited dark, foul smelling contents

now feeling very unwell


PMH    chronic constipation

CLL since 2005

benign prostate hypertrophy (has permanent catheter)

lost left arm in WW II


intermittent urinary tract infections (UTI)


DH       lactulose and other laxatives




SH       lives in sheltered accommodation

usually mobile with walking stick

keeps 12 cats at home

ex-smoker since 5 years (previously 40 years)

occasionally whiskey and Martini


FH       brother – died in road traffic accident (RTA)

father – diabetes mellitus

mother – heart attack

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