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Zoe Zappa

21 y old female


PC   headache and vomiting


HPC     generally unwell for 2 days

(myalgia, sore throat)

today sudden onset of severe headache

localised behind both eyes

worse when moving or in bright light

today vomiting x2

no diarrhoea but loss of appetite

no fever

noticed blackish-bluish spots on fingers today

bending the head forward is painful (=meningism)

PMH    termination of pregnancy

6 years ago


severe hay fever in spring

DH  salbutamol spray prn

oral contraceptive

creams and ointments for skin

allergic to cephalosporins

SH  lives with boy-friend

(healthy) in students dormitory

art student

smokes 10 / day

party drugs and alcohol at weekends


FH   brother – epilepsy

grandfather – lung cancer

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