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Norman Nailhead

68 y old male


PC       burned right arm, hand and leg


HPC     pot slipped when cooking

mashed potatoes

spilled contents over right hand, arm and leg

collapsed due to pain

unconscious for a few minutes

found by colleagues

started cooling burn with wet towels

now hand very painful

PMH    fractured ankle 2007

coeliac disease


IHD (heart attack 2 years ago)

emphysema with chronic cough and dyspnoea

DH       salbutamol spray

long term oxygen therapy

nicotine plaster



SH       lives with wife and 4 children

3 cats at home

works as chef in restaurant

stopped smoking 2 weeks ago, previously 34 years

regular alcohol after work (2-3 glasses of wine)

FH       mother – celiac disease

brother – meningioma

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