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David Prendergast


85 yo male

PC ‘Trouble with the waterworks’



urine slow to come

when he’s finished it dribbles a bit afterwards

needs to get up 5 times a night to pass water, although not much comes

sometimes sudden urge to urinate

Started about 6 months ago but getting worse

No burning or stinging when passing urine, no incontinence

No previous history of these problems, has never been to urologist before


Knee replacements both sides, 2015 and 2017, due to arthritis

Left sided shoulder arthritis, but does not want an operation

Appendix and tonsils removed as a child

Gallbladder removed at age 30

Colon cancer with a right hemicolectomy, no chemo, no stoma, 2010. Hasn’t had colonoscopy in past 5 years


Paracetamol 1 g every 6 hours

Versatis (Lidocaine) patch for his shoulder

Ibuprofen sometimes when the pain in the shoulder is really bad

Allergic to penicillin (rash)

Family Hx

Mother RIP aged 65, breast cancer

Father RIP aged 79, stroke

Brother 80 yo, blood pressure, diabetes, prostate problems

Social Hx

Lives alone, home help comes once a day to help prepare breakfast and his tablets, once a week his daughter helps him shower, walks with a walking stick, doesn’t go out much

Used to smoke until he was 65 years old, 20 a day

Occasional alcohol

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