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Oliver O’Hare

35 year old farmer


PC:      weight loss and night sweats

HPC:    lost 10 kg in 5 weeks

            has drenching night sweats x2/ night for 1 months

            dry cough appeared 3 weeks ago

            no significant sputum, no haemoptysis

            noticed inguinal, axillar and cervical lymph node swelling 3 weeks                ago

            recently some dysphagia and oral thrush

PMH:   malaria in childhood (several times)


            amoebic liver abscess


DHx:    selective serotonine re-uptake inhibitor (SSRI)

            was on tricyclic antidepressant but did not work

FHx:     father died of TB

            mother: sickle cell anaemia

            brother: meningioma

SHx:    Farmer in the Gambia

            arrived in this country 18 months ago

            at present unemployed

            lives with wife and 4 children (all well)

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