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Hugh Hesseltine

38 year old musician


PC:      pain in left wrist

HPC:    frequent concerts recently

            painful left wrist especially after playing the piano but no swelling

            took some Ibuprofen during last few days

            now indigestion worse (due to NSAIDS?)

PMH:   endocarditis 1990 - mitral regurge since

            GORD (gastro-oesophageal reflux disease)

            oesophageal candidiasis 5 years ago

            HIV since 1993

            Salmonella gastroenteritis 1996

            left below knee amputation (BKA) 2 years ago after accident, uses                prosthesis

DHx:    antiretrovirals

            proton pump inhibitors


            herbal remedies


FHx:     father: Ca prostate but died of subarachnoidal haemorrhage (SAH)

            mother: haemochromatosis and ischaemic heart disease

SHx:    lives alone

            travels lots for gigs

            smokes 2 packs a day

            regular alcohol but takes all prescribed drugs regularly

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