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Christopher Crowley

19 year old banker


PC:      overdose

HPC:    was left by his girlfriend 2 days ago

            stress at work

            took 15 tabs Diazepam, 20 tabs Paracetamol and unknown                            amount of Amytryptillin

            intake at 10 pm last night

            found by mother 3 hours later

            no previous suicide attempts

            refuses psychiatry assessment

PMH:   psoriasis (mainly skin, occasionally wrists and elbows affected)

            Crohn's disease (had perianal fistula 6 years ago)

            appendicetomy 2 years ago

            malaria as a child

            previously steroid induced psychosis

DHx:    steroids (currently decreasing dose)

            regular cannabis


FHx:     father: Crohn's disease

            mother: depression and anxiety

            sister: hypothyroidism

SHx:    lives with parents

            smokes 15 cigarettes per day

            binge drinker at weekends (about 10 pints)

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