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Beverly Bricks

24 year old accountant


PC:      SOB (shortness of breath)

HPC:    woke up this morning, gasping for air

            took inhalers but no improvement

            had URTI (upper respiratory tract infection) for last week

            shivers since yesterday

            didn't check temperature

            chest pain with cough and green phlegm

PMH:   asthma (since childhood, poor compliance, previous admissions)

            sickle cell anaemia

            allergic to dust mite and Brazil nuts

            appendicectomy age 12

            tonsillectomy last year

            typhoid fever 2 years ago in Puerto Rico

            awaiting echocardiography

DHx:    inhalers (beta-mimetics prn and steroid BD (twice daily))


            Amoxycillin 500 mg tds x 3/7 now (prescribed by general                              practitioner)

            Allergic to sulphonamides

FHx:     mother: Breast Ca

            father: prostate Ca

            (both alive and well at present)

SHx:    lives alone

            has 2 parrots and a siamese cat

            smokes 1 pack/day for 10 years

            11 units alcohol / week

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