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Nigel Nerdy

55 year old physicist


PC:      left lower back pain

HPC:    sudden onset 3 days ago

            stabbing pain in left loin, coming in waves

            severe attacks lasting about 20-30 min but moderate pain in                        between

            pain radiating down his left groin and left testicle

            slightly better when moving about

            started to have rigors yesterday x3

            had loose stool x2 this morning, constant nausea

            no dysuria, didn’t check his temperature

PMH:   renal amyloidosis – not causing problems at present


            atrial septal defect, diagnosed in childhood

            gynaecomastia - unkown cause

DHx:    allopurinol od

            aspirin od

            loperamide prn


FHx:     mother: Grave’s disease

            father: Marfan’s syndrome        

            grandmother: Alzheimer’s disease

            brother: Hodgkin’s lymphoma

SHx:    lives with 3 friends in shared flat

            no  alcohol, no  smoking, vegetarian for 6 months

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