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Jonathan Jackson

50 year old architect


PC:      weight loss and jaundice

HPC:    lost about 12 kg over last 6 months despite energy drinks

            jaundice noticed by wife 10 days ago

            loss of appetite

            pale stool and dark urine

            feeling weak and nauseated

            reports frequent gum bleeding, bruising easily

            no pain

PMH:   suspected sarcoid 10 years ago

            G6PD deficiency

            Grave's disease

            right facial palsy 5 years back, now resolved

DHx:    fish oil extracts

            benzodiazepine for night sedation

            didn’t tolerate chloroquine malaria prophylaxis (G6PD deficiency)

FHx:     mother: died of pulmonary embolism

            father: rheumatic fever

            brother: ankylosing spondylitis

SHx:    lives with wife (married for 32 years) and 2 children

            smokes 5-10 cigarettes per day

            occasional alcohol

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