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Isabel Ivanhoe

53 year old taxi driver


PC:      SOB and right chest pain

HPC:    sudden onset of chest pain

            worse on inspiration

            SOB on mild exertion


            no swollen legs noticed

            no previous episodes

PMH:   ToP (termination of pregnancy) x3

            appendicectomy 3 years ago

            face lift 5 years back

            Dengue fever 1995

            Hep A 1999

DHx:    oral contraceptive pill and vitamins

FHx:     mother: died of glioblastoma

            father: dementia and multiple CVAs (cerebrovascular accidents)

            son: autism

SHx:    lives with boyfriend and 3 children

            smokes 4 cigarettes per day, no alcohol

            working long hours recently as she is short of money

            difficulties looking after her son when working long hours

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