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Gina Gordon

80 year old retired hairdresser


PC:      painful red right eye

HPC:    pain in right eye for 2 weeks after boat trip

            blurred vision

            no photosensitivity

            swollen for 2 days

            oozing pus since yesterday

PMH:   no previous episodes

            rheumatoid arthritis

            hemicolectomy for cancer 35 years ago

            pulmonary embolism 1986

            multiple pneumonias

            cellulitis of left leg x4       

            gastro-oesophageal reflux disease (GORD)

DHx:    steroids


            proton pump inhibitor

            oral anticoagulant

            allergic to Tetracyclines

FHx:     father: died of melanoma, mother: died of bowel Ca

            sister: abdominal porphyria

SHx:    lives in nursing home

            needs wheelchair to mobilise

            smoker (3 cigarettes daily) , regular alcohol during brigde evenings on Fridays

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