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 Julia McMahon

49 year old female


Pain in upper right abdomen


Started at 10 pm in the night, all over her tummy but more so in the upper right area

Constant dull pain

Began after eating takeaway with her girlfriend

Has been having similar episodes over the past 6 months but this one is especially bad and isn’t going away

Sometimes it radiates to her back

She has vomited once

No temperature


PCOS (polycystic ovary syndrome)


Fertility issues – has attempted IVF twice without success

Overweight (I’ve been trying to lose weight)

Has been told by GP she has prediabetes



Aspirin 100mg once a day (prescribed by gynaecologist to help with pregnancy)

Folate tablet

No allergies


Family Hx

Sister – PCOS

Father – arthritis with shoulder replacements

Brother – cerebral palsy


Social Hx

Works as a secretary in a solicitor’s office

On holidays from England

Smokes 15 per day since she was 15

Drinks half a bottle of wine each evening

Lives with girlfriend

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